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Barely used SW Motech Saddle bags
Fits all Single R and 10-19 RR models
$ 300 USD
location: NYC

New Member Introductions / Re: New owner (hopefully)
« Last post by Hypo on Today at 01:18:05 AM »
loved the burble on my Sprint ST, but hated the shift of the bags under load in the twisties.
New Member Introductions / Re: New owner (hopefully)
« Last post by MA413 on Yesterday at 10:55:40 PM »
 :401: I had an 08' Speed Triple which was a fantastic machine.  The S1KR is much better in a different manner, plus she has nannies in case of rider error.  Guarantee you will really love it at the track.   It's almost too good.
If the engine controller is disabling the fly-by-wire, it must be losing a critical sensor throttle position.  There has to be a stored code.  Need to get to the dealer pronto.  AFAIK, this is not a common problem.
S1000R - General Chat / Re: New vs used
« Last post by MA413 on Yesterday at 10:51:48 PM »
I think "used" makes financial sense and I'm sure you won't regret it.  I have a 17' and love this damn bike.  I also sported an 08' Triple that I loved as well prior ,but this is much better. good luck! :028:
I would get that bike back to the dealer ASAP!   Let them sort it out at there expense (90 day guarantee).  sorry to hear about it and I haven't experienced this as of yet.
Mods and Appearance / Re: Screen of the Chinese variety
« Last post by MA413 on Yesterday at 10:44:45 PM »
it is definitely a personal taste.  I've tried a couple of screens and don't care for any of them but they do serve there purpose. the screen looks fine to me but I prefer the cheesy OEM bug screen. :821:
Mods and Appearance / Re: Screen of the Chinese variety
« Last post by Airsafari87 on Yesterday at 09:33:38 PM »
Its a Duncan Bannatyne 'I'm oot' from me I'm afraid.
I've had a strange issue with my 2017 S1000R, recently bought used from a dealer.  This happened on my first ride home, and a few times since.

After a gear shift, the engine light comes on and the throttle becomes completely disabled.  If I pull in the clutch, the engine is idling high, above 2500 rpm.  The throttle does nothing, no response.

If I shut down the engine and restart, it goes through the initial diagnostics and it's fine again.  But of course I must coast off the roadway to do this.  It happened the other night on a narrow road on a blind curve with no shoulder.  I pulled over as far as I could; luckily there was no traffic behind me.  Kind of unnerving.

I'm still under the 90-day dealer warranty, and I'll probably ask them to look at it.  Just wondered if this has happened to any other riders.  -LWH
Mods and Appearance / Screen of the Chinese variety
« Last post by Dicky-Art on Yesterday at 07:45:17 PM »

Not sure I like the look as much as standard!

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