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Welcome to the BMW S1000R Forums

BMW S1000R Forum

Welcome to the BMW S1000R Forum

BMW S1000R

Worldwide owners club for the BMW S1000R motorcycle

This independent site has already geared up to become the number one owners club for the long awaited S1000R from BMW. Membership is free and owners can chat with others about the bike in the 'Forum'. We also have a 'Picture Gallery' where members can show off their bikes and share photos. Overall, everything you need as an owner of this new bike from BMW.

As an international site we welcome new members from around the world.

Everyone is more than welcome to join up now and discuss what you think of the bike so far.

It's free to join so Register today !

 Cheers smiley


Official BMW S1000R Accessories

The official accessories list for the S1000R is now available from BMW.

Check out the full available accessories list here:,s1000r_accessories.html

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