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Service due
on: May 03, 2021, 06:13:29 PM
So like most peeps here in the UK, lockdown and working from home this past year has resulted in very little miles on two wheels (apart from the occasional Sunday trip for milk). Just taken bike out for some new rubber ahead of Spring and the service light has come on, I don't think I have done 500 miles since a service last year, so my question, what to do ❓ Service or carry on until next year ❓


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Re: Service due
Reply #1 on: May 03, 2021, 06:18:40 PM
Service intervals are by mileage, or yearly. If under warranty get it serviced.


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Re: Service due
Reply #2 on: May 03, 2021, 06:30:16 PM
I didn't bother getting it serviced last year as I only did a few hundred miles.  Just done an oil and filter change myself ready for this year


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Re: Service due
Reply #3 on: May 03, 2021, 07:29:30 PM
It depends on whether you need or want to keep up the BMW service history. I used to get my R serviced by BMW at the 6K intervals, which was about 18 monthly for me. I changed the oil and filter myself at the 3K point between official services. If the date-based service message on the dash bothers you and you don’t want to spring for a GS911 or Motoscan then just disconnect the battery for 24 hours or so. The OBC will ‘forget’ the date and the service message will disappear. Doesn’t work for the mileage-based service message.

I actually found that I did more miles than usual in the last 12 months despite the lockdowns, working from home and cancellation of my annual European trip - all without breaking any rules. It was a real tonic to be able to get out on two wheels and escape the craziness at any opportunity.