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S1000RR Adjustable Damper Fitted !!
on: July 24, 2020, 11:02:28 AM
I know this was covered briefly in another thread recently, but thought Id start a dedicated one for future 'searchers' as this mod was 163 all in and has literally transformed the bike for me. 

Little bit of background, before the S1KR I had a RSV Mille which was properly setup for my 120kg (with kit) and was just beautiful in the corners.  I've had the S1kR for a few months and love it, struggling a bit with the front end, sometimes (not always) feeling a little vague.   I put it down to my weight and the DDC or possibly the tyres (never ridden on Pirelli's before), but after reading the comments around the sh1tty standard damper thought it might be worth giving changing it a go.  The high speed head shake was there too, but that didn't bother me too much tbh.

I was originally looking at the Hyperpro RSC or Ohlins, I was put off fitting a RR Hyperpro by the chap at Calsport (essentially he said there'd be a reason why they don't make one for the R, and pretty much refused to sell me a RR version) and the Ohlins SD046 seems to be sold out everywhere and won't be back in production again until late autumn at least.

Long story short, found someone on eBay selling an adaptor so the RR damper fits, I've got no affiliation to him at all, though know he has posted on the forum a couple of times recently.  There are other options with dampers with sliding mounts and washers/spacers that I've read about, but decided to go down this route.  Basically the adaptor is a slightly longer version of what is fitted to the R as standard and allows the RR adjustable damper to be fitted directly.

To fit the RR damper using the eBay adaptor -

GEN3 RR adjustable damper - I paid 130 for a used one with 6 months warranty, make sure it includes the rod end fixings as you can't purchase these separately from BMW.

eBay Adaptor - - 30

ISA Screw part number 07129906315 (damper mount bolt) 3.  These are supposed to be single use, the one I removed had a ridiculous amount of thread lock on it and was a bit of a PITA to remove, I'm sure if you clean it up you could reuse it without problem, but Bahnstormers isn't far from me so I just ordered a new one.  When using the adaptor be careful when torque'ing up to the 50nm spec.

The initial fit was really good, though a little tight in terms of clearance, I'm a bit fussy so decided to add the small spacer that came with the RR mount and fit two the foam grommet/spacers.  I think the chap who makes the adaptors is going to make a batch that are slightly longer still and send me one to try, though I am very happy with how the current one fits.

A few pics below, in terms of improvements the front end now feels solid and planted, the DDC still needs attention (Wilber's and springs over winter), I am genuinely surprised at just how much of an improvement this has made.  High speed head shake is gone as you'd expect. 

I've done a few hundred miles with the RR damper, settings are very subjective, but for regular riding on the awful roads we have around here, I've settled on 5 clicks from closed (10 in total), easy, quick direction changes for lower speed corners but still solid enough to feel the benefits.

When I occasionally come across fast corners and decent tarmac, 7/8 is perfect, but for me it does make the bike a little less nimble around town and on the slower speed corners.

Much lower than 7 clicks from closed and the damper feels to me just like the original, maybe not as stiff, but that vagueness reappears as does the headshake.  Personally I think the issue with the original damper isn't necessarily the stiffness of it, but that there's a small amount of 'play' before the damper engages.

The beauty of the RR damper on the R, is that it can be easy adjusted without getting off the bike  :002:   


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Re: S1000RR Adjustable Damper Fitted !!
Reply #1 on: July 24, 2020, 03:37:10 PM
Looks pretty nice and sounds like it works well too  :028: