Author Topic: Group buy for motorcycle lift table in the US  (Read 1275 times)

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Group buy for motorcycle lift table in the US
on: January 20, 2020, 04:43:54 AM
Hi guys. We want to add another motorcycle lift table to what we currently carry.  The only issue is NHProequip requires a stocking order of 10 lifts or 10 orders. If I could get 9 other forum members who need a lift to buy one of these I would sell it to you guys at 5% above cost as well as 5% above cost on all accessories you guys need. The Elevator 1100 motorcycle lift table is exactly the same as the K&L MC615R lift.  The specs are the same and you can even add K&L accessories that bolt onto the Elevator 1100 lift.  Personally I would rather get K&L wheel chock instead of the NHProequip unit because the K&L version locks in place the moment the front wheel rides over it while the latter you have to lock it in place manually.  Other than that I would get all other accessories that are NHproequip.  Here is the link to NHProequip so you can see what the Elevator 1100 looks like. As well as see the options for accessories and their cost and there is a video there.  Shipping is free to 41 out of 49 states (Hawaii does not count which is why I wrote 49 states). Otherwise shipping to AZ, CA, CO, ID, NM, OR or WA costs $119.  The lifts that are part of the 10 lift order ( 1 is for us so its actually 9 lifts to qualify) which you can choose if you do not want the Elevator 1100 are here in these links

The Elevator 1100 is a air lift so you would need a compressor. However it can be ordered as a hydraulic electric lift instead for an extra cost.  This version makes it identical to the K&L MC500R lift.  If anyone is interested or has friends that are interested the first 9 people to order them get these lifts at 5% above my dealer cost as well as 5% above my dealer cost on all the accessories listed with these lifts or on K&L accessories.  Forum members can offer this to their friends if you know someone needs a lift. However the only thing forum members or friends of forum members would be responsible for is the paypal fee that gets applied whenever funds are send over as a payment.  As well as shipping costs from K&L on accessories if they charge shipping costs on their items.  Even with the paypal fee charge and shipping costs on K&L items youre still way ahead of the game with only 5% above dealer cost.  I will contact NHProequip and ask what the dealer discount is.  I am assuming it to be between 25%-40%.  But I am banking most likely 30%-35% off of MSRP so your cost would be 25%-30% off of MSRP.  PM me whoever is interested and I will start a list until I reach 9 orders.