Author Topic: Lets discuss Akrapovic exhausts. PM us for confidential pricing  (Read 705 times)

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Shoot me a PM for confidential Akrapovic pricing.  I have a 2015 S1000R and Im running a 2017-19 full system with a 2017-18 Akrapovic GP can.  It can be done.  All you need is either a right side passenger foot peg bracket with the rubber grommets.  Or do what I did.  Get the Evotech 2017-19 exhaust hang bracket kit that comes with a right side exhaust hang bracket and a left side passenger bracket block off plate.

The headers on the 2014-16s and 2017-19s are the same.  Even though the Akrapovic part numbers are different. The reason the part numbers are different is because the 2014-16 Akrapovic headers come with a link pipe to fit a exhaust cans for 2014-16's.  And the 2017-19 headers come with a link pipe to fit exhaust cans for 2017-19's.  But if you wanted the 2017-19 GP can for your 2014-16 S1000R then you would order everything for the 2017-19 models and just purchase the Evotech exhaust hang bracket kit.