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Re: So long(ish) and thanks for all the helps!
« Reply #10 on: April 13, 2019, 12:18:50 AM »
*Originally Posted by peeti [+]
Everyone I have to say, I'll miss the cameraderie provided herein. You are all a great group supporting one another and that's a rarity these days. Thank you.

I'm out - traded my 17 r for the Ducati Supersport S. To anyone who considers this or considered it... it's a night and day experience. While the numbers tell one story (down about 45 horses), the torque curve more than makes up for it. Once you learn where on the RPM to be - it's a very similar acceleration. The handling, for me anyhow, is a night and day difference. The SSS is superbly confidence inspiring. Rode on tar snakes to break myself of the fear - never a single shake, let alone what I experienced a year ago. Comfort - that's crazy different. I rode for hours on hours after picking it up and did not feel tired, viby or anything.

The S1kR is an amazing machine that rewards those that can put the time in to learn it. It's the scalpel of the toolbox, and as we know, mishandling scalpels can cause major issues. Look at it wrong and bam.

I have some parts left over that I will be listing next week after I take pictures. But early indications show that I have a pair of OEM LED blinkers, a Saddlemen Gel Channel sport seat (no slipping and sliding forward and keeps your vulnerable bits isolated via a gap), Pitbull stand and free bobbins. More on this soon with pictures.

Thank you again, keep the shiny side up!

Hi there, what condition is the seat and is it much comfier than the stock? I pick up my new s1kr sport next week and have a feeling I need a comfier seat :)


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