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So you guys are aware to help fund this campaign.
This communication system is amazing.
Swedish tech the company developed and is already selling to military and emergency response agencies.
It works in any (noisy) environment really and it is well suited for riding.

I have tried 2 different top of the line Scala Rider (Cardo) and SENA coms and they are useless in my AGV Corsa R above 60-70 mph. I also wear a balaclava too.
This picks up my voice from the neck. There is no need to even raise my voice.

Check out the
Kickstarter Campaign link here

And here are the unboxing photos!

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Looks like a solution to a problem that doesn't exist to me?

I have a Scala Rider packtalk bold fitted to my Shoei NXR and X-spirit.

I regularly take phone calls at 3 figure speeds and the person on the other end of the phone has no idea that I'm on the bike and I can hear them perfectly fine too.

It fully integrates in to the helmet and there's no far with having to wear something extra around the neck or put a set of wired ear buds in before pulling a helmet on which invariably pull out slightly as the helmet is pulled across them.

Best of luck to the guys on Kickstarter but there are already lot better and lot simpler solutions out there already.

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I had high hopes for Neckmike when they first appeared. Bought the original version to use with mobile phone... wasted money. Ear buds were crap: poor sound reproduction, the "springy" cords always tangled, and none of the rubber tips fit. I tried a few 3rd party tips but no joy. Then there was the throat mic: sensitivity was poor, and the original version used velcro strap to affix mic to neck. Metal strap surrounding neck was uncomfortable. And finally, the 3.5mm 4-conductor jack was wacked... the dimensions/shape of the jack's shoulder differed from universally accepted mobile device standards, so the Neckmike would not work with one of my phones, nor with the FRS radio I sometimes used during group rides.

All of my observations were shared with Neckmike, both USA and Sweden, and I received zero response to several emails. I had recommended they focus on improving the throat mic and dispense with the crappy ear buds, and instead install a stereo 3.5mm socket to let customer use better in-ear monitors.

I'm now 100% SENA. Hope the new version works great for you.
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