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« on: January 12, 2019, 01:03:23 PM »
I've read through all 14 pages that return after a search for "rust."  Most of the results are about [t]rust or [f]rust[ation], with a couple of posts from a rider named Rusty.  In the year and 25,000 km that I've owned the bike, I have been pretty vigilant about washing it.  I use ACF 50 once a year. (By the way, there is a quasi-experimental test of a large variety of corrosion resistant applications over at Bennet's that puts ACF 50 in fourth place, well behind a new brand called XCP: I think one of the advantages of owning a BMW over a Japanese bike is the quality of the production materials. The bike, so my bank account tells me, should be less prone to rust than others. I hope.

Have any of you, but particularly those with older mills or who ride year-round, found any areas of rust that cause concern?  What I am asking about is are there any areas that I should focus my attention on as I wash and reapply some product?

Many thanks to your collective wisdom!
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