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Re: Low Seat
« Reply #10 on: December 02, 2018, 07:47:57 AM »
*Originally Posted by frank3 [+]
how did you go?  i am interested.
To get a lower ride on mine i did the following:
- trimmed seat by 25mm, but you only get 12mm of height reduction because the sides of the seat cannot be trimmed.  Been on a few long rides and no issue with seat comfort.
- looked at reducing the preload but it came factory set all the way wound anitclockwise.
- needed new boots and bought boots with higher sole

in total i got an inch. all good.

My wife is 165cm, with short legs :) So her GSX S1000 is lowered 8cm or so. Did as you described with the seat, even made a article about it here:

In my book a lowering always starts with the seat, if that is not enough then the suspension:

1. Shave seat (or get a lower seat if available)
2. Drop front and rear suspension.
     a. Front is easy, release clamps and rise the setting of the Fork leg ind the clamp. Beware of the risk of the front wheel hitting the radiator when bottoming out.
    b. Buy or fabricate new triangles or dogbone for the rear suspension.
3. Shorten / or buy shorter kickstand (Not easy on the S1000r as it cast aluminum.) 

Sorry for the corny wash pic :) But you get the idea..


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