Author Topic: Question for track day veterans-S1KR good for first time on a track?  (Read 10660 times)

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Re: Question for track day veterans-S1KR good for first time on a trac
Reply #30 on: December 17, 2020, 01:50:45 AM
*Originally Posted by windyrun [+]
Track looks in super nice condition  :028:

A few ripples and seams here and there, but otherwise pretty good. Itís a shame itís in the middle of nowhere.
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Re: Question for track day veterans-S1KR good for first time on a trac
Reply #31 on: December 17, 2020, 02:06:32 PM
*Originally Posted by miles [+]
This is from Monday's track day:

Open the pic in a new tab for hi-res goodness.
that's one hell of a photo.  I'm liking that paint choice with the match fly screen.  :028:


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Re: Question for track day veterans-S1KR good for first time on a trac
Reply #32 on: December 17, 2020, 06:47:31 PM
*Originally Posted by windyrun [+]
I've only ridden s1000rr on track and found it good fun though a bit hard to change direction quickly-have to really muscle it about. I've never taken my s1000r to the track. So I'm curious why you say the s1000r is a handleful and a Ninja 400 was more fun. Was it the power the s1000r has or something else that makes it a handful. Just curious :)

It's pretty much everything - insane (fun!) acceleration with hard pulling torque, extra 80#, as with the RR does not flick like a supersport and takes a lot of energy, powerful brakes allow hard charges into a corner so one is inclined to use it. This all adds up to a lot more physical and mental effort. By comparison the Ninja is so light and nimble it is absolutely telepathic in direction changes, easy to correct mid corner and lower speed is less tense leaving a more relaxed ride and more time to process. By far a bigger grin factor, on the R I feel like I'm in an exhilarating survival more. The Ninja is much better at teaching the track skills with time to focus on your markers, lines, body position and mistakes. All this coming from an upper B class track day rider. I love my R it is a fierce angry beast as it growls and shakes its head at 145 mph and it is a blast on the track and VERY capable but......
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You don't have to go mad on a track day. Just ride like you might on the road but without the hazards.
On the R Sport, it will be worth considering switching off the ABS as this can intrude under heavy braking which I learnt when at Almeria after only owning the bike for four months. The technology overwhelmed me since I'd last owned a bike ten years previous.
Everything you learn on the track transfers to the road and you become a better rider. I have done many tack days on all my road bikes over the last fifteen years or so and any emergency situation that arises on the road is now easily managed.
I try to do at least two or three track days a year at home and in Europe. My S1000R has been to Snetterton (my local), Donnington and Oulton Park. Along with a four day experience at Almeria for my 50th. I have also booked a couple of days at Spa Francorchamps in August this year.
I am generally the only person who rocks up on his road bike, takes off my luggage, and apart from lowering the tyre pressures, just parks up and waits my turn. I love it

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