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Reply #40 on: October 11, 2020, 08:37:33 AM
Sitting at home drinking wine, and came across this thread, and thought I would share.  I had two sets of M7RR on my '17 S1000R, and had to throw on new tyres for a teack day so put on a set of Rosso IIIs (price same as M7RR but got free tickets to the WSBK @ Phillip Is earlier this year). Having now done about 4,000km  and a track day on the Rosso III, and a few track days and heaps of Km on the M7RR, my view is (1) both excellent tyres (2) the M7RR is better on wet/crappy roads (3) Rosso III better on dry and on track (4) Rosso III *seems* to tip in a bit better, but not much in it.  Short version - I would be happy with either.  Will give the new uber Michelins a go next time - change is good.