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    2021 S1000R battery
    on: June 28, 2023, 10:50:09 am
    June 28, 2023, 10:50:09 am

    My 2021 S1000R has 2500KM on the clock and the warranty is nearly up. I have a couple of problems with the bike but want to check this one over with you guys.
    BMW have lied to me several times already and i don't trust the answers they provide.

    So i only ride in the summer/dry in Ireland, its too miserable or cold otherwise. I generally start the bike every week or so and leave it running, to keep it ticking over.
    I went to start my bike a few weeks ago, it started, i left it running for a while, switched the engine off, started it again and it wouldn't start.

    Two days ago, i took the battery out, put it on charge and within 30 minutes, it went to full charge. Put it in the bike, started it, started no issues.
    Yesterday morning bike started no issues, i rode it 2 minutes to the petrol station, filled up, switched the on button, showed 14.2v, all in the green. Went to start the bike and it wouldn't start. I had to get the bike jump started.

    I eventually got it to BMW for its service, I asked them if they could check components around the battery such as the alternator etc and before checking it they said its a buggered battery, its not covered under warranty, I need to buy a new one.

    They could be fully correct but i'd prefer to double check if there is anything i should ask them to check. Their batteries are stupidly priced so I would go for another brand if so.