Author Rizoma FR130 Indicators / Turn Signals Installed + Resistor Mod  (Read 3752 times)

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    Rizoma FR130 Indicators / Turn Signals Installed + Resistor Mod
    on: December 13, 2022, 12:39:23 am
    December 13, 2022, 12:39:23 am
    I had been looking at front turn signal replacements for a bit and finally decided on the Rizoma F130 sequential units in black. Very happy with the result, the sequential light up is awesome and attention grabbing.

    Parts Ordered:
    EE078H - Rizoma Turnsignal Cable Kit
    P399848 Rizoma Front Turn Signal Adapters BMW / Triumph
    30 Ohm 25W Resistor (Optional)

    Finished install. I looked for alternate adapter plates but didn't find anything like an aluminum plate version. Plastic ones are fine in the end.

    Comparison to the stock incandescent unit (I had moved the rear indicators to the front for the shorter stalk)

    After some experimenting you do need the full 30 Ohm load to avoid the lamp error, but this is a mess IMO.

    I ordered some 30 Ohm 25W resistors from Amazon, I cut the mounting tabs off.

    I soldered in the resistor and shortened the length to tuck away nicely.